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April 30, 2022: Prophetic Word: "You were never meant to stay in the church building your whole life. "

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2022
You were never meant to stay in the church building your whole life.
You were brought there by God to be transformed and equipped to carry the Glory of God into all arenas of life.
Never let another person judge you for not attending the building when you are the church, a part of the body of Christ.
Your relationship with God is what counts!
I hope I'm stepping on some religious toes!
Change your mindset. Renew it by the renewed mind of Christ. Abide in Christ enjoy sweet fellowship with Him. He lives in you and the Kingdom of God is within you and that's all you ever need! To do or create what you want in life. So you gotta let it out!
We have to come to a point where we believe and understand that we already have all we will ever need inside ourself, all that we ever want inside of ourself and all we gotta do is say the Word as the centurion said to Jesus say the word and it shall be done. We gotta do greater things!
If we never step into a church building ever again you can still have Jesus anytime, anywhere! We can still carry the presence of our Father everywhere we go!
Let's not play church. Let's be the church!
Use the Spiritual and natural giftings God has given you and create Heaven on Earth literally.

Kurshin Joseph is the Founder of Heavens Entrepreneurs a Prophetic Kingdom Entrepreneur Movement that is transferring wealth to the Kingdom Community in the Digital Space. He is also the founder of Heavens Digital Academy, an online learning platform to raise Kingdom Leaders.


He Is A Digital Empire Builder & Digital Marketing Strategist that teaches Product Selling, Coaching / Consulting / Community Building and Digital Marketing Strategies For Scaling Personal Brands. His Expertise Extends to FB Ads Strategies, Funnel Building, Websites & Organic Lead Generation & Marketing Strategies.


Kurshin's main aim is to help Kingdom believers use their talents & gifts to fulfil their Kingdom assignment and create wealth and legacy on the digital space.


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