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A Word Regarding "Business" Prophets ...

Uncategorized Jun 23, 2021
A Word Regarding "Business" Prophets ...
✅ Yes, a prophet is a prophet is a prophet.
However, since it appears that there are varying definitions for an authentic prophet, sometimes we do need a general “label’ to help folks understand, that indeed there are DIFFERENT types of PROPHETS with different GRACES.
CLEARLY, according to the Bible there are prophets who operate outside of the church just as well as those inside the church.
But you have to remember, Prophets pre-date the church and are a foundation of the church.
So a prophesier, though he or she can prophesy will never carry the weight of a bona-fide prophet.
There are Prophets who just like Daniel and Joseph have an extraordinary ability to be able to organize, monetize and globalize simply because of who GOD created them to be.
✅Yes, they are prophets.
Yes, I may call them “MARKETPLACE PROPHETS” you may call them ‘GOVERNMENTAL PROPHETS”.
❌No, that doesn’t discount the fact that they are clearly prophets.
And yes, there are PROPHETS just like this who are in the world today.
✅These are prophets, you can’t try to glue to the church.
✅These are prophets who prosper and profit outside of the church YET, will still be a help to the church and to their leaders when their true mantle is recognized for what it is.
✅These are the prophets who are assigned to be FINANCIAL SOLDIERS and DISTRIBUTERS of WEALTH because God made them that way, NOT because they are “greedy” or “just want money”
✅These are prophets who see profitable blueprints in the marketplace and can show many how to leverage legacies if only you would hear their authentic voice.
❌ They are NOT trying to build a mountain or kingdom to themselves, but their mantle does attract those called to different KINGDOMS.
They naturally may have already been in some rooms you desire to get into.
They naturally may have already overseen budgets of hundreds of thousands and millions in their past and current positions within their industry or trade.
So it’s not that they are “bored” or not even excited about what you are building or trying to …it’s just they’ve seen it and done it before …yet, don’t mistake their silence or focus for disinterest.
They have to be careful what they say and what they do, because someone somewhere is always MISUNDERSTANDING, MISLABELING and MISCALCULATING their mantles.

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