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Jun 3, 2022: Prophetic Word: You Are Chosen for the NARROW PLACE!

“Many are called, but few are chosen” (Matthew 20:16b).

And even for those chosen, I cause you to walk through a narrow place. Some of you have been wondering, why is it so tight going through? It’s a tight place, and even a hard place going through because I'm preparing you.

I'm equipping you in that place.

And in that place, I've had to strip my people, my sons, my daughters of all false things.

No fake things can go through here.

I’ve had to strip you, so that my authenticity would come forth and shine forth.

And I've been refitting you for the proper attire to wear in a tight place, in a narrow place.

Even like the swimmers and bikers that literally wear aerodynamic suiting to be able to maneuver to allow the wind to have its fullest force upon their back and to enable them to move swiftly through a tight place on a straight line, keeping in place and moving at record pace, so it is that your pace shall accelerate and you shall move, even with grace through this place that I have for you because you've come to a place where you've passed the test.

Some of you are still going through. So go through, go through my sons and my daughters. Go through!

But others of you have made it. You’ve made it through that place and now I'm propelling you forward and jettisoning you forward into new realms of your mission, your mandate and your assignment for this day.

But, know that this was an important part of your process and I honor you.

I honor you as you have come this far by faith, says the Spirit of the Living God.



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